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Investment consulting

Top performance in projects largely depends on a proper pre-investment phase, which is impossible without credible assessments and expert advice. Our company offers professional comprehensive services in project and investment consulting..

Our consulting services

  • We explore real estate market segments;
  • develop customized investment strategies;
  • assess volumes of extra investments required to buy or sell property broken down to construction and design costs and approvals;
  • estimate investment appeal of property;
  • search for lucrative investment property (investment brokerage);
  • engage Russian and foreign investors in development projects;
  • prepare profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and measure cash flow;
  • assess project risks, risk management, risk mitigation measures;
  • evaluate business plans;
  • review and select optimal funding sources.

Professional assistance in property management

International Development provides a wide spectrum of services in property management, liaisons with customers and tenants, and rollout of marketing policies. The perfect balance between investments and profits requires assistance of a recognized professional management company in the real estate market.

Our property management services include:

  • attracting buyers or tenants and building relations between them;
  • developing and rolling out a marketing policy;
  • financial management;
  • house maintenance;
  • running repairs and overhaul, property renovation;
  • adjacent land maintenance.

Construction design and construction supervision

These two procedures are quite complex and embrace drafting and executing a number of documents and contracting.

A wise solution here is to apply to professionals. International Development provides qualified and prompt services in construction design and quality control in construction and finishing works.

Our scope of construction design and construction supervision services includes:

  • primary insights into the current status of property and entire projects;
  • construction schedules and cost estimates;
  • execution and coordination of approvals and permits;
  • tenders and contracting;
  • planning and coordination of contractors;
  • quality control and progress;
  • regular reports on the progress of construction;
  • commissioning

Due diligence: audit

International Development offers comprehensive audits of investment & construction projects at any phase and performance assessment.

The audit of design solutions and construction work includes:

  • assessment of projects and construction works in order to check their compliance with legal standards, rules and regulations;
  • financial & technical audit – investors should be confident that construction work is carried out with perfect compliance with all requirements contained in documents and project, including financial data;
  • construction audit is a check whether property under construction complies with parameters set out in documents, monitoring compliance with deadlines.

Smart selling

Measures focused on the rollout of sales strategies include preparation of relevant document packages and appraisal of real estate market value, as well as pre-selling and marketing strategy development. Our company has successful practice in the sale of all kinds of real estate. We are ready to provide the following services:

    • developing a marketing strategy;
    • independent appraisal of property market value;
    • preparing a pool of potential buyers or tenants;
    • legal support in executing required documents;
    • designing best financial schemes.

Profit-making development concept

Real estate projects are rolled out in order to make profit. They are successful only when income exceeds spending.

Project profitability is based primarily on properly designed area and property development concept.